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Have A Good USA MADE Lite! 
Lifetime Warranty - The Long Lasting Portable Light
Why Buy This
1. USA Made.
2. LifetimeWarranty.
(on complete lantern.)
3. 100-150 + Hour Battery Life.
(on alkaline batteries.)
4. Quality Rugged Steel.
5. Dependable Durable Plastic.
6. Sealed On-Off Switch.
7. Swing & Hand Lantern
Battery Box Colors:
 Blue C1 Red C2
Yellow C3 Black C4 Green C5
Fluorescent Orange C6
8. Powder Coat Painted Black
or Chrome Hand Lantern. Scratch Resistant 'WRINKLE'
Rough Texture Finish.
9. Krypton Bulb & Sealed Beam.
(available by order.)
  10. The ONLY Lantern You'll Ever Need!

  "When You Need A Light,

You Have A Light."

Nostalgic-All Direction.
SwingLanterns $47.00
Tilt Head-LONG Distance Beam.
BlackHandLanterns $45.00
All Purpose-
Safari-Lite $60.00

Lantern Accessories

....Battery Holder (for Swing or Hand Lantern) $6.50

..12 Volt Adapter (for Safari-Lite) $11.00

 It's Good.
  It's Better.
It's The Best. Period!
1950's Burgess Lanterns
Retooled by
Abundalite Division of USI.
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to the USA via FED EX
in 2-7 business days.
Lantern or Battery Box Shipping = $14.00 each.
Battery Holder (for Swing or Hand Lantern) Shipping = $4.00 each.
12 Volt Adapter (for Safari-Lite) = $6.00 each.
Shipping for Continental US ONLY.
For multiple items or outside continental US
 call for shipping cost.
"We Make Quality Lanterns."
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